We're Glad You're Here. 


Torrentera started off as a small batch of pisco. Our founder, Rita, begun this journey wanting to create the best tasting and highest quality pisco to share with friends and family.

Making her way down the coast of Lima, Rita drove for weeks searching for the right varieties of grapes: Torontel from Ica, Italia from Ica and Cañete, Moscatel from Ica and Arequipa. All to come up with the perfect blend, a pisco Acholado that would later become the first version of Torrentera.


We worked closely with local experts who helped us follow the best production techniques. Here's what went on:

-Grapes got carefully handpicked and taken to be pressed

-Grapes then went through a natural fermentation process that resulted in what we call "mosto"

-Our mosto was then distilled in traditional copper alambiques, drop by drop 

-Finally, we let it rest for a couple of years! (it's worth the wait)



Friends and family was certainly not enough —We want the world to experience the aroma, taste and joy that comes with tasting our pisco. We hope you enjoy it.